98.5 FM Montréal – Vapotage & consommation de marijuana: Dr Nicholas Chadi, pédiatre spécialisé en toxicomanie et médecine de l’adolescence, CHU Sainte-Justine.

Entrevue avec Paul Arcand le 13 août 2019

Nicholas Chadi discute des conclusions de son étude publiée dans JAMA Pediatrics sur l’association entre le vapotage et la marijuana chez les adolescents et les jeunes adultes. Écouter ici

Radio Canada – Ici Première – Jeunes vapoteurs, plus susceptibles de consommer du cannabis

Entrevue avec Isabelle Richer le 12 août 2019

Nicholas Chadi résume les principales trouvailles liées à son article publié dans JAMA Pediatrics sur le vapotage et le cannabis chez les adolescents et les jeunes adultes. Écouter ici

WBUR 90.9 FM – Boston’s NPR news station – Mass. Doctors Warn Of Public Health Crisis Due To State’s Marijuana Policy

June 3, 2019 – Interview with Chris Citorik.

Host Chris Citorik talks with Dr. Nicholas Chadi, one of over three dozen Massachusetts doctors and researchers who signed a Statement of Concern about the state’s policy around recreational marijuana. Listen to the full interview here:

WATD 95.9 FM – Dr. Joe Show – Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, or should it be?

August 10, 2017 – Interview with Dr. Joe Shrand and Dr. Wes Boyd

Massachusetts voted in favor of Marijuana legalization in 2016. Dr. Joe Shrand and Dr. Wes Boyd two psychiatrists specalizing in addiction treatment speak with Dr. Nicholas Chadi, pediatric addictions fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital as part of a special edition of the Dr. Joe Show on Marijuana legalization.

Pulse 107.7 FM – Support for teen dads

March 23, 2017 – Interview with Nicholas Chadi

Dave Sheldon: Pulse on the Fraser. Nicholas Chadi, pediatrician and adolescent medicine fellow in Toronto talks to us about the lack of support for teen dads in Canada. Every year, more than 4000 teens ages 15-19 become fathers in Canada. (Listen here)

CIUT 89.5 FM – TIME ZONES: Coming out trans

March 6, 2017

Time Zones is the radio program and podcast produced by the fellows in the Fellowship in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs. This week, the fellows explored the theme in/out. Nicholas Chadi and Cathy Mazer discuss the challenges of coming out as a transgender youth. (Listen here at time 12:11)

CBC RADIO 1– Millennials Health Resolutions


We’ve all had a few days now to settle into those New Year’s Resolutions. Or maybe you’re still trying to figure yours out for 2017. But if you’re relatively young, resolutions may not even be on your radar. There’s plenty of time to worry about things like weight, sleep and exercise – when you’re older (Listen here)

CBC RADIO 1-  Teen Apnea


In the fight against obesity in teens, we’ve considered a number of different strategies — taxing sugary drinks, rewriting food labels and encouraging young people to cut down on screen time. (Listen here)

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