What’s in Store for ‘Nico-Teens’? Pediatricians weigh in on the potential long-term hazards of adolescent vaping

By Elizabeth Hlavinka, MedPage Today, January 4, 2019

With comments from Nicholas Chadi

Vaping is no longer a passing fad among teenagers, and has turned into a national epidemic, said experts contacted by MedPage Today.

growing body of literature confirms these fears. Most recently, the large Monitoring the Future survey in 2018 found “the largest single-year increase in use of a monitored substance ever recorded” among high school students in the program’s four-decade history. […]

“There’s definitely been a clear movement by the FDA to restrict the sale of e-cigarette products in many places such as corner stores and gas stations, so I do think e-cigarettes will become harder to purchase for younger people,” Chadi told MedPage Today. “But will that lead to decreased use? I’m not sure about that.”

“I would have a hard time imagining seeing such a large increase in 2019 as in 2018, but, if anything, I’m hoping rates will stabilize and eventually fall back down as there is more awareness about the issue,” he said. (Read more)

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