FDA links vaping to 127 seizures — expert says e-cigarettes can ‘alter’ teens’ brains

By Abby Haglage, Yahoo Lifestyle, August 8, 2019

With Comments from Nicholas Chadi

[…] Long promoted as a “safer alternative” to smoking by the companies that make them, e-cigs are being outed in new reports of their damaging health effects — something that’s especially worrisome, considering that one in 10 eighth graders have now reportedly tried them.

The most recent report comes from the Food and Drug Administration, which has received “127 reports of seizure[s] or other neurological symptoms” from 2010 to 2019 that are believed to be linked to vaping. The news is part of an ongoing investigation the agency has been conducting since April, one that has reportedly tied a troubling number of the neurological effects to teen use. […]

“The way young people are using e-cigs now, with very high doses of nicotine, can definitely induce something like a seizure, especially for people who are predisposed,” Chadi tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Read more

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