Binge-vaping, a dangerous new COVID-19 coping strategy among some teenagers in Montreal

By Cindy Sherwin, CTV News, with comments from Dr. Nicholas Chadi, January 23, 2021

A pediatric addictions expert in Montreal is sounding the alarm about an increase in the number of teenagers referred to his clinic, who are vaping in a more harmful way during lockdown than in pre-pandemic times. He describes it as binge-vaping.

The behavioral changes have resulted in serious nicotine addictions and worsening mental health problems for some teenagers and even pre-teens, according to Dr. Nicholas Chadi, who oversees addiction services at Ste-Justine Hospital.

The adolescent specialist is treating children “who are using a lot of these vape products and cannabis and alcohol, and in a way that is definitely more intense than before the pandemic,” he says. (Read more)

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