The debate over whether Quebec should ban all flavoured vapes / Le débat sur l’interdiction des saveurs dans les produits de vapotage au Québec

By Dan Spector, with comments from Dr. Nicholas Chadi, Global News, March 2, 2023

In downtown Montreal you can’t walk around for long without seeing someone vaping, and it feels like you can barely throw a stone without hitting a vape shop.

“I would say a lot more people do it than parents think,” said Dawson College student David Bensemana.

A big portion of Quebec’s vape businesses may soon go up in smoke.  The Health Ministry told Global News the effects of vaping especially on young people are of great concern.

“We already announced we will put a new tax in place on vaping products, and we want to go further with other recommendations,” said Antoine de la Durantaye, a spokesperson for Health Minister Christian Dubé. (…)

Dr. Nicholas Chadi, a pediatrician specializing in adolescent and addiction medicine at St. Justine Children’s Hospital, says vaping has gained popularity among young people in recent years.

“We’re seeing more and more teens using nicotine vapes, but also cannabis-containing vapes. So that’s definitely a recent trend,” he told Global News.

Chadi thinks banning flavours is a good idea that could help protect young people by making vaping less desirable. (Watch video here)

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